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Aria Law Group is experienced in all areas of civil litigation and represents clients involved in legal disputes. Civil litigation concerns relationships between individuals as opposed to criminal matters that are between individuals and society. Such cases usually result from a breach of duty towards another due to negligence or carelessness, and the courts allow individuals to sue for performance or damages. If you are considering pursuing litigation or are involved in litigation, contact Aria Law Group for an initial visit and review of the legal matter. We are an established litigation firm committed to helping our clients with competent legal representation at each stage of litigation.

Business Litigation
Civil litigation is a legal process with specific procedures that the plaintiff and defendant must per the federal and state legal codes. The first step in the process is when the plaintiff files a complaint regarding the defendant, who in turn must answer the complaint. The next step is discovery, where each side gathers information about the parties, as well as all pertinent information about the case, through depositions and written questions and answers. There are motions, hearings and other actions that follow the discovery phase. Many clients desire to settle their disputes through mediation or arbitration rather than continuing a lawsuit. If the parties are unable settle their case and come to some agreement between themselves, then the case will go to trial.

Aria Law Group has handled cases of civil litigation for years and could bring their experience to your case. If you are in need of an aggressive attorney with extensive experience in trial cases, look no further than our firm. We are prepared to represent you and defend your rights no matter what type of civil litigation case you are facing. Contact our offices today if you require legal representation for any of the following types of civil litigation cases.

No matter what type of legal dispute you may be experiencing, such as torts or breaches of contract, we could provide skilled and aggressive litigation. Call our offices today for a consultation.

Torts involve breaches of duty, where one individual or company believes that they have suffered harm at the hands of another. With years of experience in trial cases, our firm could fight for your business in a tort claim to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Contract Litigation
As legally binding agreements, contract disputes or breaches of contract can be very serious matters. Anyone who needs to take a contract issue to court must be sure to hire a competent lawyer to fight on their behalf.

Breach of Contract
Don’t hesitate to hire an attorney if an individual or company has violated a business contract and caused you harm. Contracts are legally binding and you have every right to demand compensation for breach of said contract.

Fraud Litigation
Fraud is white-collar crime and a federal crime that is harshly punished. Examples of fraud include bank fraud, contract fraud, internet fraud and mail fraud. If you have been a victim of such behavior, contact our firm today.

Regulatory Compliance
One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is keeping up with all the state and government regulations, such as safety regulations. A violation could result in harsh penalties, so speak with an attorney who could help you stay on top of these ever changing regulations.

Real Estate Litigation
Legal matters involving real estate include property purchases, contracts, construction issues and more. A civil litigation lawyer could assist you in resolving such issues and could provide representation should your case be brought to court.

Construction Litigation
When it comes to construction, there are numerous legal problems that could arise, including contract and regulation issues. Don’t let these problems cause delays. Hire a civil litigation attorney immediately.